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Born in Paris, Sylvie Boksenbaum loves fashion & jewelry.
Allergic to metal, she invented a method to cover it with
threads using a meticulous gem-setting process. From that
ingenious idea was born the Maison boks&baum.
With French style and elegance, Sylvie finds inspiration for
her joyful designs in the shapes and colors of the countries
she lived in: South Africa, Brazil and Mexico. The latter is
where she opened her own workshop in 2014 where she
recruits and trains women in vulnerable situations with her
unique know-how. The workshop now counts 18 artisans
skilled in the art of statement jewelry.

Sylvie’s designs fall within the realm of Haute Couture and
spice up any outfit with graphic eye-catching color. The
light and comfortable designs can be worn for casual and
dressed-up looks alike. Boks&baum ventures to unexpected
creative horizons, bright colors and bold shapes.

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