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“The charm of a tradition to pass down.  A gesture of love to be preserved.   The enchantment of a jewel to wear, always.”

“In an ever-changing society such as ours, handing down traditions, rituals and symbols through generations is very important to keep alive the culture and history of a country.

The idea of ​​Keep Out is born from the story of an ancient custom in Latin America, which tells the story of a gesture of love, tradition and family. It is said, in fact, that once the grandmothers, parents gave their daughters and grandchildren, ready to leave the safety of the home, a small thimble, symbol of protection from everything “stings in life.” The trinket was then handed down from generation to generation, fortificandone its protective power over the years.

Fascinated by the wonderful legend contained in such a small object now obsolete, in 2014, Stefania Gagliardone , flanked by a team of industry professionals, decided to tell the story by turning the thimble into the protagonist of an elegant line of jewelry “lucky” silver to wear and cherish.

Bracelets, necklaces, and rings, who wears a Keep Out must perceive that pleasant and reassuring feeling of protection from everything ‘that we can’ “sting” every day, just like that sweet feeling that could send our beloved grandmothers.

Entirely handmade in Italy, the Keep Out line is a symbol of elegance and style, perfectly reflects the quality and class of products “Made in Italy.”

Keep Out is a precious object that knows memory, love and magic. Just believe it … ”


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