KMO Paris Logo
KMO PARIS is a French jewelry brand exhibiting at Premiere Classe – Paris, ENK – New York, Centurion – Miami, White September – Milan and other international fashion and accessory events held globally throughout the year. All products are designed in Paris, France and manufactured in a full service, company owned production facility located in Bali, Indonesia. For more than a decade, KMO PARIS has been creating sensual, feminine, chic and unique pieces that make each new collection a true work of art. Partners in life and business, Caroline and Francois-Xavier Renou share the creative endeavor of bringing each and every piece to life. Complementing one another’s skills in a balanced and spontaneous creative process that pairs glamour, uptown re nement, downtown chic, attention to detail and the joy of individual expression. Each piece of KMO PARIS jewelry is made with our patented KAMELITE process using genuine Sterling Silver powder and an unlimited range of colored-polyester resins. This provides an endless array of colors to nish each silhouette. Bangles, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings
and the unique magnetic brooch all bene t from this patented material construction. The base metal is manufactured in magnesium-AL, another KMO PARIS innovation, which allows each piece to be extremely lightweight, oxidation-free and 100% hypoallergenic. This singular combination of materials allows KMO PARIS jewelry to be truly unique. Constantly adding and creating new shapes, alloys, processes and patents all while honoring the value of classic jewelry design, KMO PARIS builds a synergy of classic yet modern styling all centered around texture and motion.


Using their detailed eye and meticulous craftsmanship, Francois-Xavier and Caroline adorn and embellish every piece into exquisite balance. With each new collection, they continue forward with their dazzling quest to present only the best of KMO PARIS each and every collection.