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With a longstanding love and appreciation for ancient Indian artisan traditions, Siddharth Jinagouda was alarmed when he saw these skills, passed down from father to son for over a thousand years starting to slowly disappear. In 2017, he decided to find a way to bring the work of these master artisans to a wider audience in the hope that creating a new audience would help to preserve and perpetuate these craft communities. He created Krutnu Artisans with the goal of applying traditional techniques to contemporary products, combining old and new to develop a new international market for Indian master craftsmen and women. Krutnu is the Sanskrit word for artistic, and each artisan that we work with is an artist as well as a craftsman. They have responded to new design with enthusiasm and have played an active role in refining each new product. Together we’ve created a collection of beautiful jewelry that is striking and contemporary but pays homage to traditional skills and techniques. You can become a part of their story of preservation and transformation.