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Krutnu Artisans was created by Siddharth Jinagouda to find a way to preserve the disappearing unique ancient Indian Artisan traditions which are passed down from father to son for over a thousand years. It was inevitable as his family has been collecting great works from these Artisans for generations and has developed a deep emotional bonding with them. Along this way for preservation, the Artisans chose to rekindle their traditional art with designs held in new light for new lands and our times.

The Artisans have created a collection of mesmerizing jewelry that is ancestral and contemporary, placing it at the intersection of traditional Bidriware art and modern fashion. Bidriware is handmade from molten indigenous metal and engraved with silver and brass and takes a long captivating process to make. The color and the striking designs of this art make its beauty. This art originated in ancient Persia and was brought to a place in India ages ago, today known as Bidar and has found expression in the courts of the local emperors of those times. Now each piece of jewelry is made by hand beside a world heritage site.

Please become a part of the Artisan story of preservation and renaissance by viewing their collection at our showroom and learn more about the Artisan story and their work at