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Welcome to the Saz Mifsud world. Our dream is to turn colourful works of art into bold, beautiful women’s accessories.

Starting out as a painter, Saz longed to see the rich colours she’d produce in her artworks on the clothes she wore. This inspired her. She started creating digital collages using her own photographs and paintings. She then digitally printed her designs onto pure silk and was blown away by the richness of the colourful silks. 

Saz designs each and every piece of fabric. Her identity lies in the composition of these fabrics. Her inspiration is the natural world and all its beautiful elements – from seashells and flowers to exotic birds. Once the designs are printed, the silks are beautifully hand-crafted to create a colourful range of scarves, clutch bags and headbands. 

In 2018 the brand partnered up with a leather-printing company in New York and introduced its idiosyncratic designs on leather handbags and purses. View the range at



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